SPEEDHYKE – What’s it all about?

SPEEDHYKE is a new concept to the UK and ideal for those looking to move quickly and effectively with poles. In fact we call it the art of speedy movement because used effectively, poles will massively help you to cover tricky terrain, climb hills and descend with style!

Whether you are running, walking, nordic walking or a bit of all three! This course will help you to get the most out using poles for challenge and distance events, trail running and simply moving well over tricky terrain.

Courses will start running soon, there is a Fast Track Beginners Course (for people with no Freedom Passport) and a Conversion Course for those who have their Freedom Passport. Sessions and courses will start to be added to the timetable too. To see some pics from the recent course I attended please click HERE

Updated: December 11, 2018 — 6:21 pm